Jim Thompson House Museum Bangkok

Jim Thompson (aka. The Thai Silk King) was a former OSS operative (now the CIA) stationed in Asia. Bangkok became his new home and he founded the Thai Silk company which still does business to this day.

He was awarded the order of the white elephant which is an honor given to foreigners who have done great service to Thailand.

Thompson was a major collector of Southeast Asia art. He collected artwork from Thailand, Cambodia, Burma (Myanmar) and some 16th century porcelain from China.

In the museum you will find 6 traditional Thai-style houses some of which are 150 years old. Three of the those are faithful to the originals including the interior layouts.

There is a large collection of historical Buddhist statues (some dating back to the 13th century) and Thai paintings on wood, paper and cloth. They depict the life of the Buddha and the legend of Vessantara Jakata.

Thompson disappeared in 1967 in Malaysia. He was on holiday in the Cameron Highlands and was never seen or heard from again.

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